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Last night I had duty from midnight to 08.00 am, when I came home , I had to drop Yohan (my son) at the daycare. I got him ready, fed him breakfast and dropped him. I wanted to stop by to get breakfast somewhere because I was so sleepy and tired, but since I am on a tight budget I wanted something good under $5. Couldn’t settle for anything and decided to go home fix something or eat cereal. I got home, opened and got a little strength when I saw the little goodies I had in my fridge. I made a croissant breakfast with half an orange and some tea. After I was done eating I realized that my breakfast costed me only $1.75!!!!! So I decided to post on Sinaba.

-1 croissant ($0.74 from lidl)
-1 slice of ham from the deli side ( I bought 5 slices for $2.58 at Food Lion so one slice is worth $0.51)
-1 black organic tea bag ($0.15 from a bag of 20 that costed $2.99)
-1/2 of an orange ($0.50... buying the bag is cheaper)
-3 tomato slices, 1 spread of guacamole, 1 spread of cream cheese (all worth $0.11)

Pretty sure you figured it out. It is simple but me I toasted my croissant a little in the oven first and then put the cream cheese on both sides of the croissant the slices of ham, tomatoes and the guacamole. The ham can be replaced by turkey, beef, or no meat. Usually I would use some fresh avocado but I had got guacamole from lidl. It was 2 containers worth $1.99 and one spread wouldn’t be more than $0.5. 
I made the tea and cut the 1/2 orange. 

This in a fancy restaurant would have been around $5 just for the sandwich and I had fruit and tea with it for less. My dears eating good can be cheap.

Hope you just learned something good. 
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Ready, Set......

Yum!!!! I really wished I made two.

Enjoyed it with a cup o black tea!!!
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